Leveling Up! Becoming a Certified PRO – Portable Restroom Operator

PSAI, Portable Sanitation Association International. Now, that’s a mouth full, but what is it? The PSAI is recognized internationally as a credible, authoritative voice providing education and information for the portable sanitation industry, according to

Johnny Blue Inc. and PSAI

Johnny Blue Inc has been a member of PSAI since 2005. Over the years, owner, Kristen Bush has attended conferences and networked with other members.  In June of 2022 Johnny Blue created a new program allowing employees to receive PSAI onsite training and certification in house.  Traditionally, PSAI requires attendees to travel to the EXPO/Conference for training.  However, Johnny Blue arranged for the PSAI Instructor to travel to our location for a hands-on, training day for all eligible PROs (portable restroom operators).  This PRO certification program consists of five domains including transportation and logistics, servicing portable sanitation equipment, safety and hazard management, record keeping and professional demeanor and conduct.  The PROs at Johnny Blue Inc. were given the opportunity to take the 8-hour course followed by an exam. Upon passing, each earned a pay raise and certificate with the new title of “Certified Portable Sanitation Professional”.

We are proud to announce our team of 11 Certified Portable Sanitation Professionals.   With less than 5% of all sanitation operators certified, this sets our organization apart from other companies. Now that is something to shout about.  There are approximately 3,300 portable toilet companies in the United States, employing about 58,400 sanitation workers.  About 2,000 members have been certified worldwide and 11 of those are right here at Johnny Blue Inc.  In fact, we are the only ones in this area! There are approximately 400 PSAI members worldwide consisting of 80% operators and 20% suppliers. Just because a company is a member of PSAI, does not mean their sanitation technicians are certified.

Johnny Blue, Inc. Standards

Through the past almost 50 years, Johnny Blue, Inc has always held itself to the highest possible standards in the portable sanitation profession, not only for our valued customers, but for our employees and our environment.  We strive to make lasting relationships with our customers, business partners and employees by standing out above our competition.  This is our commitment to our community and to you.