PSAI Member

What does it mean to be a PSAI member?

Johnny Blue, Inc. located in Winchester, Virginia is a proud member of Portable Sanitation Association International. But what exactly does that mean? PSAI is an elite organization of portable toilet rental and sanitation companies around the world. Educating their members on safety and healthy practice within the industry is what they do best. We have teamed up with PSAI to commit to environmentally friendly initiatives within our line of work. We also have access to information on the best standards and practices within the portable toilet and septic industry. Another great thing about PSAI is that they aid i in addressing global public health challenges by expanding and improving portable sanitation facilities worldwide!

The PSAI provides Johnny Blue Inc. with education on many crucial topics for operating a safe, compliant, and responsible portable toilet rental company.  Among the benefits are courses on ANS (American National Standards) and OSHA regulations. These courses play a vital role for our success in providing portable toilet service on construction sites in both Northern Virginia and West Virginia. Because discussion and knowledge of special event planning, disposal requirements,  safety and health protocol also provide our sanitation company with the expert experience for handling large crowds and emergency response situations.

PSAI Code of Excellence

The PSAI Code of Excellence takes our commitment to our customers and employees seriously. Our reputation is maintained with qualified and certified personnel, who remain professional throughout a job.  Johnny Blue provides clean portable toilet sanitation and we maintain our equipment to the highest standard. We also engage in fair business practices and respect our competitors.  Johnny Blue handles disposal of waste safely and legally to protect the environment.  We have signed an agreement that shows our commitment to the PSAI Code of Excellence for the Portable Sanitation Industry.

Our Portable Toilet and Septic Service company is proud to be a member of this organization, and Johnny Blue Portable Toilets is also proud of the commitment to PSAI’s standards when it comes to providing dependable and safe sanitation service and protecting the environment. Because of this, operations at Johnny Blue have saved over 2 million gallons of water per year. We are dedicated to protecting the water supply from deadly contaminants and we are  eager and willing to be called upon for emergency relief efforts.

Mission Statement: Portable Sanitation Association International

Portable Sanitation plays a vital role in communities everywhere. Better worksites, better weekends, and a better world.