Welcome Spring and Summer and Welcome the Lion! Let’s Hear You Roar!

We all know the old saying, “in like a lion, out like a lamb”, meaning if the weather in March comes in fierce like a lion, then the month will go out gentle like a lamb, with warmer weather. Hooray for all things Spring and Summer! Picnics, camping, festivals, weddings, pool parties, carnivals and much more. All the things we know, love and come to look forward to!

In the portable toilet industry, there is definitely a slower season and a busy season. Although construction continues year-round, the slow season typically starts after Halloween, when all the fall festivals are wrapped up and the pumpkin patches close. Aside from a nominal amount of Christmas tree farms, stands and celebrations, outdoor events cease to exist until warmer weather.

In Like a Lamb
March definitely comes in like a lamb for Johnny Blue. The beginning of March is still the slow season. Customers are starting to plan events and starting to order porta potties and restroom trailers for their Spring and Summer events. We are even taking orders for the following year for our restroom trailers. The phones are starting to ring a little more, but deliveries don’t start really picking up until April.

The Lion Roars!
Then April comes and BAM! The Lion roars! Johnny Blue Inc and our luxury division, Executive Bathrooms Plus start hopping. Our days become filled with same day deliveries, everyone scrambling to meet our special events customer’s needs, all while continuing to provide the same outstanding service to hundreds of jobsites a week. Like a well-oiled wheel, it takes the whole Johnny Blue family to keep things going, from the employees that take the orders and assign the work, to the yard personal who load the trailers and clean the units, the drivers who deliver, the ones who keep the trucks up and running and the supplies stocked, the members who bill the customers and pay the company bills. The list goes on and on. For the next seven months, it’s all hands-on deck.

So, here’s to Spring and welcoming the lion! Here’s to all the fun and exciting events that come with warm weather! And here’s to the crazy, busy, rental season! Need a quote? No, problem. Get your quote here. Need something else for your event that Johnny Blue and Executive Bathrooms Plus can’t supply? Check out Grand Event Center in Winchester, for all your other event needs!

Happy Spring!