Glamping, Camping and Porta Potties

Let’s Talk Glamping!

If you are like my husband and I, we invite extended family and friends to come enjoy the day or even the weekend with us.  Who wants all those people running in and out of there camper or RV to use the restroom?  Not me!  By renting a porta potty, it allows less traffic in our camper, meaning less dirt and mud on the floor, less flies inside and less pumping of the gray and black water holding tanks.

Or Maybe You Go Camping!

Now, let’s talk tents and pop-ups. It’s the middle of the night, but when you have to go, you have to go.  Would you rather, get out of your sleeping bag, get dressed, put shoes on, grab a flash light and walk the length of a football field just to get to the closest porta potty or bathroom house that many others have used; or get up, throw your flip flops on and go to the fresh smelling porta potty that is right on your lot, lit by the dollar store solar lights you have placed at the base and inside?  It’s a no brainer.  Not only is renting a porta potty more convenient but you always know who is using it.  You know why?  Because we provide locks upon request at no additional charge!

Either way if you go long term camping or glamping, porta potties are a win and ours are the best around!  What makes ours the best?  Because we don’t just fill them with just water. We use top of the line liquid deodorizers in a variety of scents including Blue Volcano, Dark Ice, Sunglow, Strawberry and more!  We also provide sanitizer and toilet paper. We clean the units weekly and you can get your camper pumped while we are there (for an additional charge.)  Interested? Give us a call, 540-665-0968.