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Septic Service

Johnny Blue understands your septic system is one of the most important elements of your home. Regular pumping and maintenance will prevent sewage backups, drain field failure, and costly repairs. Anyone who has experienced a disaster like a ‘backup’ knows, it pays to call us before that happens.

Replacing a septic field cost upwards of $20,000 and takes weeks/months to install; Time you do not want to be without a toilet, shower, washing machine, etc.

A few questions we will ask you:

  1. Where is septic tank located? Is it marked?
  2. Do you know the size of your tank?
  3. How many bedrooms is your home? Or how many folks live there?
  4. Do you have above ground access for pumping? Or does it need to be dug up?
  5. If it must be dug up; would you like a riser installed to make it easier for next time?
  6. When did you pump the tank last? (month/year)
  7. Do you currently have any concerns about the condition of your septic/drain field?

*Payment is due prior to pumping.

*Protect your home investment. COMBINE your pump-out with your neighbor and you both will receive $25 off.

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