Johnny Blue offers a variety of portable hand wash stations and hand sanitizers are a perfect complement to any temporary restroom requirement, especially for sites where food is being served. All sinks are delivered, filled with water, fully stocked with soap and paper-towels.

Sink Inside Porta Potty

For GAP Compliance; we can add a hand-sink to the inside.  This includes stock of paper towels, water, and soap.  During winter months, stock will be switched over to sanitizer to prevent freezing.

Dual Sink Station

OSHA Requires a hand-sink for proper sanitation on any worksite where food is produced or consumed.  This require is also true for special events serving food.  Perfect for the locations where food and beverages are being served!  Each double sided sink station handles 200 visits.  Our service techs fill with water, and replenish the stock of soap and paper towels regularly.  Reduce the spread of germs with one of our sink stations at your next event.


Including 2 dispensers, the Sani-Stand provides easy access to hand sanitizer; which kills 99% of germs on hands. Double-sided access to sanitizing dispensers. The Sani-Stand is ideal for indoor applications where hand washing is not available.